Everyone who is elected to our Libraries' Board of Trustees in November will immediately have a very long to do list. It's critical that we elect someone with the ability to analyze the challenges we face and set clear priorities.  

On day one i commit to the following:

1. Begin working with the library's staff leadership to develop a new long-term strategic plan that will do the following:

  • Implement the priorities that were identified by the community conversations that occured in 2017 including organizing an annual event honoring the uniqueness of Altadena, coordinating “days of service” in the community, establishing our libraries as the main “hub” of civic engagement in the community.

  • establish new and creative programs to expand outreach efforts into part of our community that we have not previously engaged with

  • Seek additional revenue sources to broaden the district's budget beyond our local property tax base

  • Seek to expand partnerships as another way to maximize services within our current budget

3. Push the Board of Trustees to immediately develop a plan with the board's legal counsel to quickly, efficiently, and cheaply end what I believe are needless lawsuits and legal bills.

4. Fully commit to 100% transparency with our community on ALL issues unless legally required to do otherwise