I am running for a seat on the Altadena Library District Board of Trustees on the November 6th election.

As an Altadena resident who spent 7 years as the Union representative for the LA County Library system, I treasure our local libraries. I've also spent more than 15 years as a union organizer recruiting and developing leaders to become advocates and organizers and look forward to transferring that experience to developing a larger community of advocates for our libraries.  Most recently I’ve also served as a state-wide assistant director for contract negotiations for a ninety thousand member labor union negotiating multi-million dollar contracts that required reaching consensus across many competing priorities; skills and leadership that will be critical in confronting the administrative challenges our libraries face.

My greatest professional accomplishment was leading the state-wide campaign to ensure the passage of AB 438 which grew out of the fight to stop the privatization of Santa Clarita's public libraries.  Since it's passage not a single public library has been privatized in our state and even Santa Clarita's libraries are once again public.  

We know what needs to be done to meet the needs of the community and continue to grow community involvement, the problem is that we’ve been stymied by needless distractions and a lack of leadership.  The community conversations that took place in 2017 led to a detailed report, which you can find on our libraries’ website, established the beginnings of a roadmap to meeting the diverse needs of the community by growing our libraries’ leadership role.  While initial steps have been taken to meet the stated goals of the report, it’s going to take new leadership developing and implementing strategic plans based on the report who are also committed to engaging communities that were not involved in the conversations to realize the full potential of our libraries.

I believe the priority of every board member should be to proactively engage and organize our community around this strategic plan to do amazing things like organizing an annual event honoring the uniqueness of Altadena, coordinating “days of service” in the community, and generally acting as the main “hub” of civic engagement in the community.  I believe the opportunities to build on our successes and accomplish every goal in the community conversations report is completely within our reach and my experience as an organizer will play an important role in making that happen. 

With strong leadership and a commitment to a strategic plan I'm confident we can accomplish great things and I humbly ask for your support in making that happen on November 6th. 





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